Mt Marriott 17/08/08

Ahmad on Mt Marriott:
“The job was not done. We got to within 200 m distance and 100 m elevation of the summit. Our start was rather slow. One of our three-person group didn’t feel well in the morning and decided to stay at the shelter in the meadows. Darcy and I started our push for the summit at 12:30 pm. We followed a different route described in Matt’s scramble which is briefly described in his updates. We had three different ways of how to get up on the cliff that leads to the proper ridge. We chose the most difficult one of course unintentionally. It included lots of scrambling and 2 rock climbing spots. One of them was over 8 m wall. However once we were on the cliff, the trail became considerably easier but the rocks were still rough and continuous concentration was required. At 4:20 pm, I found that it became too late to continue and aborted our attempt. On our way back, we followed the second option and I found it easier and more direct although you have to go through one of the climbing spot but it is the easier one. We got back to the shelter at 7 pm and to the car at 8:30 pm and the whole trip took 11 hours. Beautiful views and lots of wildlife. We even saw fresh cougar track on a snow field. Special thanks to Tim Gage who provided me with valuable information about the trail.”

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