Mt Lytton 21/06/08

Chris on Mt Lytton:
“Peter, Tania and Dean joined myself on an exploration of Mt Lytton. The first logging road approach didn’t pan out (“No Trespassing” signs). Plan B was the Nicomen FSR which had some loose rock but was in good 2wd condition. We made it to within 1 km of the end of a spur at about the 12 km mark (some rutted culvert crossings). Fully expecting to bushwhack to the summit ridge, we stumbled upon an old hunting trail just minutes from the car. The lower half was well flagged (though it was bushy in bits with lots of blowdown and mosquitoes). Snow covered most of the last 1/2 km but the route was guessable and, less than 3 hours from the car, we were at our camping spot in a beautiful little meadow on the ridge. We spent the next couple days exploring the labyrinth of ponds, streams, krumholtz, snow slopes and pocket meadows before returning to civilization on Monday night. Thanks for a great hike everyone!”

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