Mt Laughington 13/09/08

Susie D. on Mt Laughington:
“This hike has been on my “want to do” list for a long time, but for years access was blocked by a gate. Now the gate stands invitingly open, and we could check it out. Access is by a 4×4 logging road off Chilliwack Lake Road. The road is in good shape, but anyone thinking of doing this hike should be aware that the directions in 103 Hikes are not reliable. Check out the Club Tread trail wiki instead.

What a gem this trail turned out to be! It starts through an alder tunnel, then after a short way on a logging road it’s into the bush on a sometimes hard to find trail. However it’s well flagged, and we didn’t have problems. Soon you’re up on a rocky knoll, with unbelievable views over the Lucky 4 Group, Williams Peak, Slesse, and many other peaks. The trail meanders up and along a ridge, sometimes traversing side slopes, sometimes going up and down and then up and down and then repeating. Some lovely little meadows, and all the way VIEWS! VIEWS! VIEWS! The lunch bump provides an interesting view of Cheam and the Lady – you can clearly see the Cheam trail.

This was a fantastic hike, not difficult, tons of blueberries and did I mention views? Fall colours are just starting. Thanks to John, Susanne and Elodie for treating me gently on my first callout!”

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