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Hat Mountain, 14 Apr 2013

Pardeep on Hat Mountain:
“Hat Mountain, what a beauty of a summit! Roberto M., Mark J, and I chose the Tunnel Point trail which starts opposite of viewpoint pullout along Highway 99; the viewpoint is North of Lions Bay. The trail was in great condition and offers many views of the ocean and islands. The trail connects up to the FSR that runs North-South. We headed generally North, until the trail starts ramping up to the East towards Hat. We chose the South Ridge approach, but based on my compass bearing, we were more so on the West ridge; the South and West ridge system is pretty broad.

The snow was quite steep in many sections, and it would be helpful to have an ice axe. Just below the summit, there was a short section of technically steep snow, at least in my opinion. The views though… Holy Moly! Windsor, Gotha (Peak 5400), Coburg, Hanover, and the beautiful North Face of Brunswick; any which way, it was fantastic. I would highly recommend this as a destination; it’s an obscure mountain that doesn’t seem to get much attention. I would also like to give a huge thank you to Weedwhacker over at Club Tread. This guy volitionally maintains the Hat Mountain trail. I can say without hesitation, the trail markings and small maps provided are the best I’ve encountered. His efforts make reaching the summit a breeze. Thank you!”

North Face of Brunswick

Mt Brunswick 01/07/09

Andrew L. on Mt Brunswick:
“Making it to the trailhead just past 8am, we nabbed one of the two remaining parking spots and hit the trail. The Brunswick Mountain trail is steep, easy to follow and almost snow-free. There is also very little water available past the early crossing of Magnesia Creek. We took just over four hours to reach the summit, where we had lunch accompanied by spectacular panoramic views from what is the highest of the north shore peaks. There are a few snow patches near the summit which are melting rapidly. The scrambling near and at the summit is fun, though to reach the actual summit you will have to pass some sections with moderate exposure – your head for heights may be tested. It is, incidentally, well worth carrying a personal-sized watermelon all the way up on a hot day…”