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Harrison Lake 10/09/11

Susie D. checking out lakes near Harrison Hot Springs:
“This turned out to be a stellar idea for a day trip! On a hot sunny day it was great to mix swimming with hiking. We first hiked the Whippoorwill Trail at Harrison Lake. It was somewhat offputting to see all the dead salmon floating in the lake after spawning, but we got used to the idea. We then swam at a little sandy bay away from the main Harrison beach. We shared the bay with an guy with a houseboat named the Pimp, but declined his invitation to join him for an afternoon of partying. After gelatos in Harrison we headed on to Hicks Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park. What a pretty lake! We hiked a couple of km to the far end, where there was a quiet beach that we only had to share with a couple of other groups – space for all. The water was warm, fantastically clear, and we spent quite a long time in the water. After drying off and hanging out on the beach for a bit it was time to head back to town, with a stop at the organic hazelnut store on the way back. We all returned armed with hazelnut butter. The objective of the day was to have a relaxing day away from the city, and we definitely achieved our objective.”

Statlu Lake 17/07/10

Michelle at Statlu Lake:
“Too much, the Magic Bus! Awash in a sea of emails, I would have needed to own the Magic Bus to accommodate the overwhelming response to this callout.

This Trek to the Undiscovered Country still took almost 3 hrs going as fast as possible in a well equipped 4×4. This officially 4×4 status road is *possible* for a car to take on (save for the last two short branch roads) at a much slower pace, but you’ll be muttering ‘Come on, come on’ and if you try and get anywhere at any speed your passengers will be shrieking ‘she’ll fly apart!’ as you exclaim ‘(We’ll) fly her apart then!!!!’.

If you disregard the significant driving effort, the hiking effort is minimal for the fine reward of Statlu Lake. Truly an area unlike what we would expect around here. Numerous high falls set in impressive box canyons (easy to see how there have been fatalities peering over edges). Seemed more like Pemberton – aquamarine lake in a rugged blueberry-rimmed bowl and old growth surrounded by gorgeous snow capped peaks. Though perhaps this should not be so surprising as you can drive these roads all the way through to Pemberton, if your 4×4 dares.

Due to time we opted to explore Statlu and the beautiful camp at its far end instead of ascending to the upper lake/viewpoint. Beautiful place to camp and explore. No wonder climbers scramble around this area. Thanks to the gentleman who built the new connector trail and bridges.

Note that the Harrison West FSR is posted as closing @ 25 km for bridge construction for 1 week sometime TBD between Aug 15 and Sept 15 – check the FSR road advisories for updates.”

Statlu Lake, July 2010

Bear Mountain 26/10/08

Sandra on Bear Mountain:
“Four of us hiked Bear Mountain and basically had the whole trail to ourselves. Got a good view of Harrison Lake and black flies and made a detour to Bear Lake. As expected, parts of the trail were not well maintained and we had to climb over/duck under fallen trees/debris, push through overgrown brush, etc. but nothing we couldn’t handle. It was a long climb up but we were eventually rewarded with amazing views of the Fraser Valley and Cheam mountain range though it was windy at the lookout. On the way down, the light was just right so that the colour of the leaves were simply brilliant.”