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Brew Lake, 1 Sep 2014

Stephen H. at Brew Lake:
“Dennis, Lisa, Rasham, Tu, and Vladimir joined me for my third and finally successful hike to Brew Lake. The hardest route-finding was at the start, driving up the logging roads to the newer trailhead. The trail itself is rugged, steep, and overgrown in parts but easy enough to find when you fall off the path. There were tons of blueberries along the trail. Fog obscured most of the views, but we did get a glimpse of Black Tusk. All in all, it was a great somewhat-rainy-day hike.”

Brew Lake 04/10/09

Steve at Brew Lake:
“Despite many warnings of poor markings, we found this trail to be relatively easy to navigate (we assume recent markers were added, plus we had Club Tread GPS waypoints). On a great day for a Fall hike five of us traversed scree slopes and pine needle trails.

This trail marks my memory most with three images: a great view of Black Tusk, the scenic bowl containing the lake itself, and the rather unique first few km walking on train tracks.

I was not feeling 100% this day so a big thanks to my hiking companions and their patience, which kept the group together. Despite dragging my ass up there, we still managed to get back in almost exactly what 103 Hikes suggested: 7 hours. We did see a hint of a trace of snow, but had to walk on none.”