Joffre Lakes, 1 Nov 2014

Jaime at Joffre Lakes:
“We headed out for the long drive past Pemberton and up to the Joffre Lakes trailhead. The day turned out to be gorgeous, sunny and frozen. The trail is very different now and most of the way up it’s a hard packed gravel path. The path has been filled in right over the boulder fields so the risk of injury is lowered. It is now a trail that is very accessible to people with all different levels of physical fitness. I think that it’s a good place to take someone on their first bigger hike, or a visiting friend, but I wouldn’t drive all the way there to do it again. It’s a very quick hike now. Snow started on the trail just before the second lake and the terrain was so stunning with the fresh layer of snow. The low, bright sun made it pretty tricky to get any good photos.

On a side note, we saw a guy propose to his partner at Upper Joffre and she said yes. If we hadn’t been there they would have had the whole place to themselves, so we felt a bit bad about that. It was an almost perfect proposal, except for us.

After the hike we headed into the Pemberton Meadows and along the Lillooet River for a dreamy soak in the springs. The fall colours were so super perfect. I always forget how pretty Pemberton is in the fall. It was a fantastic 2 days with a lovely group of women.”


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