Hut Lake, 9 Apr 2016

Chris N. at Hut Lake:
“Despite reports that the area was closed to vehicles, the gate at Levette Lake was open and we encountered a party on ATV and dirt-bikes and another in a convoy of 4wd. The road is 2wd to Evans Lake and, if you are determined, you can push up the steeper rougher bits to Levette Lake (or park on the roadside part way). Beyond the gate requires 4wd. There is a short stretch of rock crawling calibre at the cell tower. Hut Lake is unremarkable but it was a joy to camp without snow this early in the season. Some industrial activity was audible from nearby Paradise Valley. On the first day, we explored the old roads to the north. One road follows the north shore of Hut Lake before becoming a creek bed and heading up. Following this, you can visit two other lakes – one with a rough camping area and the other with a rope swing – before the road ends. All other roads quickly disappear into undergrowth. On day two, we bushwhacked around Hut Lake and found some very pleasant first growth forest on the south and east sides of the lake. We also checked out another lake to the west and followed an old fishing path for part of the way. On the way back, we popped in at Levette Lake which has an amazing view of the Tantalus Range but were treated to more industrial noise pollution. I have heard this area is very busy in the summer but was largely empty at this time of year.”

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