Hollyburn to Strachan, 26/02/12

Alex P. on Hollyburn and Mt Strachan:
“Ten Wanderungers took part on a great Sunday afternoon snowshoe trip in the sun via the Hollyburn-Strachan traverse loop. The group included the 3 Dans (Dan, Daniel, and Danny), Hilda, Rita, Sigrid, Sophie, Brad, Callum, and Alex. Bluebird day that it was, both the parking lot and the Hollyburn trail were rather packed. Once we ventured past Hollyburn and descended onto the Hollyburn-Strachan trail we left the packed crowds behind and were rewarded with solitude with Nature the rest of the way. The big dump of fresh powder Friday made for an extra workout but was gentle on the knees. Saturday allowed for the snow to settle reducing the avalanche risk to low. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. The powder made sliding down Hollyburn loads of fun. I am pretty sure that Sophie woke up a few hibernating bears with her scream as she slid down. There is sufficient snow that most of the trail markers are covered so diligent route-finding was important. Callum and Danny did most of the trail-breaking up the steep slopes. We were all very appreciative of their hard work while we stayed back and suntanned. The views from Mt. Strachan looking out to the Gulf Islands and the high mountains all around were spectacular!”

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