Donut Rock 03/07/11

Paul T. on Donut Rock:
“The nine hikers set out in search of the ring. Despite some perils, all nine of us arrived safely at Do-Nut (‘doughnut’? ‘doe nut’? — map says ‘Do-Nut’) Rock before looping back over Eagle Bluffs via the Baden Powell Trail. Paul G suggested an additional loop at the beginning which made the trip more interesting. Instead of starting out on the Trans Canada and crossing to the Baden Powell via the Nelson Canyon/Whyte lake trail (which we took on the way back), we picked up a trail that begins close to the parking lot, right at the north side of the old Highway 1 bridge over Nelson Creek. This trail passes through pretty open hillside with lots of arbutus trees before descending to the Whyte Lake trail very near the BP. There’s a fork about 10 minutes along, you need to go right. The pretty and dramatic Do-Nut Rock trail is not that well marked and if you’re doing it for the first time it is easy to lose your way. Also, it is not well travelled and as a result there are some hazards. The steepest section of the trail is up a dirt hillside where there are loose rocks easily unearthed (as we discovered when the organizer sprung one which Maurice in turn swatted away from the path to his head). Best to keep the group as close together as possible through this stretch to reduce this hazard. The trail from Do-Nut Rock to the Baden Powell is also not well marked and there is still patchy snow though it’s easy to walk on, or, around. Whyte lake is warm enough for a swim.”

At Donut Bluff

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