Cayoosh Mountain 18/07/09

Ahmad on Cayoosh Mountain:
“The trail name means a horse and it is said that it is named after the tribe chief’s horse collapsed after passing through this area. Whether it is a legend or not, the trail is extremely hard on the knees. The majority of the trail is boulders. There is almost no flat section except the first ~3 km logging road.

Our hike took almost 12 hours in total and we couldn’t finish it. The majority of our approach to the peak was loose rocks. We were 6 in total and 4 changed their mind not to continue. The two of us took a slightly wrong approach close to the false summit and it was a dead end. I wasn’t able to find any way to get to the right way from where we were. There were exposed cliffs from both sides that we both didn’t feel comfortable to continue. We had to go down significantly to go to the right way. We didn’t have time for it. It was frustrating to go through all this without a result. So my suggestion is that you camp at the second, small lake and take your time on the next day. However, it is possible to be done in one day if you have good knees.

The views were great but for me I am done with this trail.”

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