Brothers Creek 07/07/08

Diana at Brothers Creek:
“Eight of us found our way to this trailhead hidden within the British properties on the north shore. We never found the yellow gate as described in the Dawn Hanna book, but did find an access to the Baden-Powell, and knew the trail intersected with the Brothers Creek trail, so we were able to get on the right path without difficulty. It was a lovely and tranquil hike, well shaded in an old growth forest and a few rewarding views and rest stops along the way including the tranquil Lost Lake, where we met the only other two hikers all day, who had just indulged in a nice swim. The creek was flowing relatively quickly with some scenic rapids and a couple small waterfalls. The trail was generally very well marked, in great condition, although there were a few slippery parts on the way down and a few of us had some minor spills. There was also a view overlooking Burrard Inlet and downtown Vancouver where someone had left a single lawn chair to soak in the view. We recommend that the next group of hikers on this trail carry up a second lawn chair so that two may sit and enjoy that view in style! Thanks to Andras and his new fancy Garmin GPS to introduce some of us to geocaching (although we never did find the supposed hidden item).”

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