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Elfin Lakes 21/03/08

Michelle at Elfin Lakes:
“Five of us headed to Elfin Lakes on Good Friday with beautiful weather all the way up from Vancouver to Squamish. With all the recent snow, the final portion of the service road had definite winter driving conditions in the morning and required chains – we had to wait for a car with just snow tires to finish “trying” and get themselves safely off the road. Funny observation: all cars parked at the lower pull out lot, us and all the other trucks/4x4s at the upper pull out lot and nothing but jeeps in the actual parking lot.

We were among the early crowd on the trail so it was fairly powdery conditions requiring a little more effort and time (lots of fresh powder up there!). The sun played peek-a-boo all day. We had periods of fine snow mixed with windows of amaaaazing blue sky and sun with great views along the lower trail. However, the view from the ridge was a wall of immovable white. We had beat the throngs to the warming hut but had voted to return early (we only ventured a half hour past the hut up to Paul Ridge), given the hidden view, time and unknown road conditions. We all enjoyed a leisurely return bathed in sun with harder packed conditions from all the traffic now on the trail. Fortunately upon return, road conditions had immensely improved. All in all, beautiful scenery, pleasant weather and great company with a lot of laughs. A great day and the first of many call outs to organize for me I think.”