Monthly Archives: October 2013

Unnecessary Mountain, 20 Oct 2013

Will on Unnecessary Mountain:
“Two people came along with me on a very unpromising-looking Sunday morning. A few kilometres up the road to Cypress Bowl we broke into the sunshine and were above the clouds in the warm sunshine all day.

We took the Howe Sound Crest trail over St Mark’s Summit and on to Unnecessary, stopping for lunch in between Unnecessary’s two main summits and continuing towards the Lions until we hit our turnaround time.

There are lots of ups and downs on this trail and it’s rough in places. But the forest lower down is beautiful, and the part along Unnecessary was lovely: hiking on granite slabs among fall colours, with great views all around.”

Out of the trees

Elfin Lakes, 15 Oct 2013

Kamen at Elfin Lakes:
“They said it couldn’t be done but we slowly motored our way up to the Elfin Lakes parking lot in my 2WD 1989 Mazda 323. The road was a little bumpy in places but, as long as you take your time, you will get there just fine. We hit the trail around 11 am and enjoyed a brisk pace as stunning mountain vistas revealed themselves to us as we started the gradual ascent. After passing Red Heather and turning onto the hikers’ trail, it became quite muddy which quickly turned into solid yet crunchy snow with isolated patches of bare ground. There were very few other hikers on the trail and we mostly marched in silence. We reached Elfin Lakes after just about 2.5 hours and explored the area thoroughly as we thought it would take a good deal longer to reach than it actually had. The way down was a little tougher as the sun had melted through the top layer of snow so it was slushy on the way back and slowed us down a bit. Got back to the car almost 2.5 hrs after we left and enjoyed some well-deserved food & drink at the Howe Sound Brewery.”

Wedgemount Lake, 26 Sep 2013

Will at Wedgemount Lake:
“Five hikers squeezed into Andy’s car and piled out at the trailhead, starting up the trail just before 9 am. Two weeks ago it still felt like summer: this morning it felt like winter was just around the corner, with ice on the trail from the boulder field onwards. The gradient kept us warm enough, though, and we got up the headwall in a fairly leisurely 3 hours. Cook, Weart, Wedge, Parkhurst, and Rethel looked properly spectacular with a dusting of snow under blue skies.

We had lunch on the promontory overlooking the west end of the lake, then wandered alongside the lake for a closer look at the glacier. A quick snack at the hut and we were back down the trail and at the car by 6 pm.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, especially Andy for driving.”