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Greendrop Lake 30/06/08

Michelle at Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes:
“Lindeman Lake may be more picturesque, however Greendrop is the choice one to swim in (much warmer and complimentary log “rafts”). The last portion of the trail before Greendrop is definitely not suitable for those with hydrophobia or those anxious about crossing through creeks. The entire forest becomes a flowing river – shallow, but quick, loud and everywhere, with patches of Devil’s Club to contend with; follow the adequate ribbon markers and recommend to stay tight in this section. Note: on return the section of trail from Greendrop to the last small wash-out before Greendrop is not that well marked. It is easy enough to mistakenly get off trail onto other trails in this area – exercise caution.”

Manning Park 28/06/08

Keith on a multi-day trip in in Manning Park:
“Ryan and myself did the Heather Trail and came down Granger Creek: 42 km. On Tuesday we went up Mt. Frosty (22 km).

The trail access gate was locked about 5km down from the trailhead – a guy in his pick-up truck drove through the ditch and we quickly seized the ride to the trailhead. The trail: snow. Lots of snow. Weather: super hot. Views: Incredible. About 60% of the trail was covered. We regularly lost the trail and uncovered it all the time. Some bushwhacking and playing in the snow. Ryan is great with GPS and maps so we determined where the trail went and did well overall.
We camped at Kicking Horse and Granger Creek. Nicomen Lake was cold and refreshing and there were lots of wildflowers; anytime the snow melted they were ready to shoot up!

On Monday we had a quick easy cruise into Manning Park. We hitched a ride up to the car and there was snow for beer next to the car. This was a happy moment. We picked some morel mushrooms – tough to find but we got a few.

Canada Day was Mt Frosty ski day. We got off at 8:30 and headed up in beautiful clear skies. The hike/ski took us round trip almost 9 hours. The snow was good and we managed to patch a few pieces of snow together in the meadows and skied almost all the way to Frosty Creek Cabin. The last 4 km saw large hail stones and cold rainfall, but by the time we got the car it stopped and we could start to see blue sky again.

A wicked Canada Day; up on the top of Mt Frosty at 2400 m. We saw termites, 1 bear, a chipmunk (we called him Chippy) AND a squirrel too!”

Brunswick Mountain 28/06/08

Andrew R. on Brunswick Mountain:
“I was pleased to have a group of four hardy hikers willing and able to tackle the slog up Brunswick Mountain on short notice. Yan Li, Gloria, Susanne and I started off from the Lions Bay trailhead at 9:30 am under bright blue skies and with the temperature already climbing. After about 30-40 minutes on the Lions trail we took the turn-off the Brunswick Mountain and enjoyed some nice lush forest and (relatively) flat terrain until reaching Magnesia Creek (the last place to fill up water bottles). We continued on for about another hour until the end of the logging road where the trail starts a steep ascent up the west ridge of Brunswick. At the top of the ridge is a beautiful spot for lunch with great views out over Howe sound through the mossy trees. Some of the group made this their final destination while two of us pressed on for the summit. The climb up the final ridge is a grueling one. Steep with lots of snow (will probably be clear in a couple of weeks but an ice axe is necessary for safety right now) and some loose scree. The climb is worth it however, the views from the saddle just below the summit are incredible. The final ascent to the west summit is a fun and easy scramble, after which you can climb down into a bit of a tricky gully (with some exposure) and ascend to the true summit. Here you are at the highest point on the Howe Sound Crest and have beautiful views in all directions. Including a rare look DOWN at the Lions below you! It’s worth spending some time at the top since the descent can only be described as “knee-shattering” and it’s a long slog back to the car. All in all a great and intense day out with a great and enthusiastic group! A very worthwhile scramble close to the city.”

Musical Bumps 28/06/08

Ahmad on the Musical Bumps:
“Nine of us did the 21 km hike in an extremely beautiful day and it was only us who were on the trail. We didn’t see anyone else. Beautiful views especially on the Musical Bumps. The trail condition is not bad. There was a lot of bear scat on the first 3 km. Some portions of the Musical Bumps trail are still covered by snow. There was still about 1 m of snow in the bowl between Harmony Ridge and Roundhouse. I also noticed a minor snow slide on a more aggressive slope further up in that area. More serious ones are very possible. The only animal we saw was a baby grouse which couldn’t fly. It looked confused with number of pictures we took of it. We didn’t use snowshoes but gaiters will be useful. It is also a good idea to fill up your water from Flute or Oboe creeks. The whole trip took 9:40 hours.”

Sunset Trail 28/06/08

Hurrian P. on the Sunset Trail:
“On Saturday morning, seven of us (including a couple of first-time Wanderungers) headed to the trailhead at Sunset Marina, finding it easily despite a GPS vehicle direction system that appeared to be dyslexic. Unfortunately, we had to pay $10 to park at the marina because the free parking was all clogged by people who decided to park sideways rather than frontways. The trail was more rugged than I had imagined with a fair number of very large trees that had crashed down blocking the trail on the very steep slope (about the same steepness as the Grind but far less maintained). Snow only appeared in the last fifty meters or so of vertical and we had our lunch at the Bowen Island lookout. We finished the day in Horseshoe Bay eating true ice cream at Baskin & Robbins.”

West Canyon Trail 22/06/08

Michelle on the West Canyon Trail:
“Seven of us headed out to Golden Ears to hike the western side of Gold Creek. This well defined trail proved to be a little bit better workout than the two eastern trails albeit less scenic in comparison (but still pleasant enough). The two view points (side detour to the Lower Falls and Gold Creek Lookout) were satisfying destinations for a quick outing. We passed several backpackers returning from Alder Flats. A nice Sunday outing for some fresh air with a happy, chatty, litter-collecting band of new and veteran Wanderungers. And sorry guys, the deal with the hat stays with me! Susan!”

Upper Shannon Falls 22/06/08

Merewyn at Upper Shannon Falls:
“This trip was interesting in that I don’t believe any one in our group had ever hiked together before today. But what a great day to get to know new people! The weather was excellent, the falls were beautiful (though a little tamer now that the spring runoff is gone), and the trail was relatively quiet (except for the shared sections of the Chief trail). Dinner and drinks at the Shady Tree Pub in Squamish finished the day off nicely. Thanks to Ian and Mike for driving!”

Greendrop Lake 22/06/08

Tim at Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes:
“The four of us hiked to Greendrop Lake via Lindeman Lake. Worthwhile hike. Good views. The trail is easy to follow and well maintained despite several boulder fields to cross. Significant hiker traffic on the trail. The creeks are all running full-bore. In the last section before Greendrop (around 950 m) we encountered some flooding on the trail due to snowmelt. However the trail is still navigable without water going over the tops of hiking boots. Patches of snow from about 1000 m. The trail branching east to Flora Lake looks very well marked, although BC Parks has issued a bulletin to say that the Greendrop to Flora Lake trail has had some damage due to landslides.”

Lindeman Lake

Gambier Lake 22/06/08

Markus at Gambier Lake:
“Thanks to Byron, Yev, Naoko, Mel and Mirjam for coming out on a wonderful hike. The trail was in good shape with a few muddy patches here and there. The lake was predictably still there as was the canoe. Byron and I took it out for a short spin and admired the leak in it. Mel took time to take stock of the salamander population by the lake for quality control purposes. The general store was open this time.”

Hope it doesn't sink

Lynn Peak 21/06/08

Pablo and Anna on Lynn Peak Grouse Mountain:
“Two organizers, 1 hiker and 3 cars for 2 callouts (1 by public transit) to Lynn Peak. We met at 9am and headed to… Grouse Mountain. And we took the Grouse Mountain Super Skyride up. And down and up again, this time hiking the old BCMC trial to the top of Grouse Mountain Peak, something like 1000 m, more than what we planned but we were after the cardio anyway. Not much to say about the trail, we all previously hiked together, and we all have similar a pace. During the trip, we started planning several hikes in the Whistler/Pemberton area and Mount Washington. One thing we discussed is staying in Whistler overnight (not camping) because of the distance to the trailheads.”