Sunset Trail 28/06/08

Hurrian P. on the Sunset Trail:
“On Saturday morning, seven of us (including a couple of first-time Wanderungers) headed to the trailhead at Sunset Marina, finding it easily despite a GPS vehicle direction system that appeared to be dyslexic. Unfortunately, we had to pay $10 to park at the marina because the free parking was all clogged by people who decided to park sideways rather than frontways. The trail was more rugged than I had imagined with a fair number of very large trees that had crashed down blocking the trail on the very steep slope (about the same steepness as the Grind but far less maintained). Snow only appeared in the last fifty meters or so of vertical and we had our lunch at the Bowen Island lookout. We finished the day in Horseshoe Bay eating true ice cream at Baskin & Robbins.”

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