Zupjok Ridge, 13 Jan 2013

Chris M. on Zupjok Ridge:
“Due to North Shore snow conditions we switched destinations. Left Burnaby at 5:30 and drove up the Coquihalla so we could snowshoe to Zupjok Ridge. The powder was insane. We would sink around 2 feet on most steps. Thankfully there was a well-defined channel down the middle of the road. The pace was good and the company fun. Through discussions we all ended up with Three Musketeers names – Daniel became Aramis, Danielle was Milady de Winter, and I was D’Artagnan. There was one section where we had to break trail uphill. Super tough but we all strangely enjoyed it. The summit was a little chilly but a lot warmer than we had feared. Despite the thin clouds overhead we stayed up there for an hour. Our return down was pure pleasure. Deep soft thick fresh POWDER! Smiles all over the place. Having been on Seymour the day before, Milady had the best line, “no crust, no crowds”. Obviously the happy pendulum swung too far in our favour so we ended losing the car keys in Hope to equal things out. Luckily someone was willing to rescue us – THANK YOU LORA!!!”

Zupjok boogie

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