Yak Peak 05/07/09

Ahmad on Yak Peak (instead of Mt Cheam & Lady Peak):
“There wasn’t much snow on Yak’s basin and there was no need of using ice axe. However, poles will be helpful. The snow was packed in good conditions in most sections. I scrambled up on the rocks rather than going up on the snow. The rocks allured me to be a good way. A mistake that I quickly realized. The rocks were too loose and they lack hand holds. I scouted several directions but each led to a close end or requires a difficult and lucky move. I managed to finish it at the end after more than 30 minutes. It wasn’t a good way. It was difficult and I ended up alone on the summit. On the way back, I found the proper route which was about 5-10 m away. It was fairly easy. It goes on the snow that cover the ridge. The snow seems to be steep but it is not exposed and it is actually fun. The false summit also represents a nice alternative. The other three people that I was with, chose it and they were satisfied with the views. There were also many mosquitoes and they got even more the higher we got and didn’t get rid of them even on the summit.”

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