Williamson Lake 24/08/11

Steve at Williamson Lake:
“After years of worrying about the “gate” on the road to this trail, I finally was told it would never be shut again so decided to do it. However, a different logging company blocked the access at Chilliwack Lake road… Five of us piled in Steve C’s truck and suffered a long re-route and late start as a result. The trail was steep and not without problems in a) finding the start, and b) crossing a few scary scree slopes. All told it’s a short trail, but it is SO steep that it just did not feel that way and took us over 2 hours up. The payoffs were amazing: wildflowers, the frozen lake itself and surrounding slopes (including a brown bear). Be aware, it IS wildflower season in Chilliwack, so get out there, but if you have a 4X4 AND a fear of exposed heights, head to nearby Mt. Cheam for something less stressful.”

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