Williams Peak 13/08/11

Eric on Williams Peak:
“Four of us decided to have a go at Williams Peak on Saturday. It is about 1:45 drive from Vancouver and looks very impressive. The parking is 32 km from the turn off to the Chilliwack River Road. The trail is incredibly steep and gruelling. (Think a couple grouse grinds.) Luckily it is in the shade. The well travelled trail kind of peters out in a bowl under the massive pyramid peak. The summit can be gained from a gully hiding behind the right flank of the mountain. We saw a mother grouse with two chicks, also out for a Saturday hike. The entire hike can be made without walking on much snow. Great conversation ensued once the peak was conquered. Milkshakes at white spot followed. What an exhausting and throughoutly satisfying day. Thanks guys.”

Williams Peak 13.08.2011 062

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