Tunnel Bluffs, 2 May 2014

Steve v. at Tunnel Bluffs:
“Freak warm weather conditions and a failed attempt to get a hike going the day before made me extra motivated to try to get some people out for a weekday hike.

In my callout I even said that I expected low turnout (i.e., one car), but – wow – was I wrong. On a weekday, less that 24 hours notice, 10 replies from eager hikers ranging from old hiking buddies all the way to visitors to Canada only here for a month.

Despite that range, we were pretty well matched, especially considering the steepness of the trail (I had not remembered it being quite so “Lynn Peak”-like). Tunnel Bluffs is mostly a forest trail with some nice mossy areas and a few pretty big trees, but the real payoff is the lookout at the turnaround point. The view is pretty good when you get there but do not stop there! I’ve seen this twice – to get the full 1/2 panorama you need to move down the slope a bit to the big rock shelf with the firepit (not dangerous just a bit closer to the edge) and the view really opens up to all the way from Anvil Island to Horseshoe Bay. Like Jenny from our group said, not as much work as some hikes for a view this decent.

It took us close to 4.5 hours but can be done in less. Overall, a great early season hike (snow usually gone by April) but make sure you go on a day that the view will be visible. You may even seen this trailhead and parking but not know it – it is one of those pullouts just West of Lion’s Bay on the Sea-to-Sky with the “cedar hat” info booths (super easy to get to).

(Note: we confirmed this trail is, in fact, Tunnel Bluffs Lookout, “Tunnel Point” is most likely a reference to the geography at water level.)”

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