Tricouni Meadows 28/09/08

Susie D. at Tricouni Meadows:
“What a beautiful day for a hike. It felt like a gift from the gods. We saw a red fox on the way to the trailhead – an unusual sighting, at least for me. Once we’d negotiated the logging road, it was on with the boots and gaiters and into the mud holes. They actually weren’t quite as bad as usual, probably due to the fact that the road had been closed by a rock slide for the previous month. We hiked through the pretty meadows and forest alongside the creek that drains Kathryn Lake, and stopped for a snack to admire the beautiful blue of the lake and the island in its centre. Peaks all around – beautiful meadows – rock hopping to reach the second lake – what more could you want? We enjoyed the second lake so much that we elected to stay there and bask in the sun rather than continue to Cypress Lake. Maia impressed us by taking a swim. On the way back to the car we fulfilled Cheryl’s 5 year dream of seeing a bear while out on a hike. The bear was just where you want to see one – on the other side of the creek, minding his own business, turning rocks over and looking for grubs. Thanks to Astrid, Maia and Cheryl for the good company.”

Kathryn Lake

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