The Chief 11/05/08

Hurrian P. at the Chief:
“This was an organizer’s dream. I had five people who were willing and able to drive. There were no last-minute cancellations, and, best of all, for the first time this year, I was actually able to achieve the objective of a hike. There was no snow anywhere on the Chief. We headed up to the top and had lunch at First peak amongst the chipmunks, who scooted across our hands and legs to show us who was boss up there. The company was great. We discussed how gelato was different from ice cream and then went on an after-hike research trip to determine the answer. (Gelato is made from milk; ice cream is made from cream). Although we had a GP on the trip, we were not able to determine the best first aid procedure for the “head rush” or “brain freeze” that you get from eating ice cream too quickly. More research necessary.”

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