Stein Valley mini traverse 30/08/08

Merewyn in the Stein Valley:
“Pictographs, cable cars, unlogged old growth forests, a beautiful clear river – the Stein Valley has it all and more! Andy, Maria, Christian, and I spent a wonderful week traversing the Stein from Blowdown Pass to Lytton. The trip started out with intense snow flurries at Blowdown but once we got over the pass and down into the valley we had great weather. We saw no large wildlife but we did see lots of squirrels, mice, ant lions, lizards, and snakes. In fact, we saw as many snakes as we saw people – once we left the Pass, we only saw 8 other people and had every single campsite to ourselves. The section between Blowdown and the Stein is obviously very under-traveled as we saw no other hikers and counted 76 trees blocking the trail within an 8 km stretch. The main Stein trail was infinitely more maintained. An unforgettable area!”

Stein Valley - Thurs, 04.Sep [Day 6]

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