Solstice cycling 21/12/11

Steve’s Solstice bike ride:
“Close to a dozen signed up for this trip and I’m going to call it a success. Completely foreign to any other callout I’ve ever done (being urban, and so low key in terms of athletic effort), it was a great thing to do on a weeknight. A few of us had lights on our bikes and helmets (mine here: but I think any future incarnation of this event requires far more effort on that front! We turned a few heads, but we could have turned more.

The convoy set off from Wall Centre and St. Pauls and hit a variety of sites including: the Woodwards displays, Lost Lagoon Tree, the willow on Pacific and more. We ended our ride with snacks and hot chocolate at Bridges.

We had a perfect night of weather and to top off that the Solstice events at the Roundhouse, Olympic Village, and Granville Island really upped the entertainment factor. That being said, I wonder if the ride could have been equally as enjoyable on a different night, freeing us up to actually spend more time at each of the False Creek (or elsewhere) Solstice festivities and the ride could have stood on its own.”

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