Silverdaisy Mtn 13/05/12

Ben v. on Silverdaisy Mountain:
“This trip consisted of three very distinct phases. Phase one was a pleasantly dry series of fairly steep switchbacks. We made it up to the snowline around 1200 metres in short order. Above the snowline, we quickly lost track of the trail and entered phase two, which can be characterized as an attempt to find the path of least resistance through the forest. We did pretty well considering that this route was almost devoid of any markings. On the whole trip, we saw a total of two signs, three markers, and just a handful of flagging tape. GPS was useful for navigation up to the valley’s end. Phase three was the payoff. We walked a mellow open ridge to gain the last bit of elevation to the summit. The sky was clear and the views were many. Thanks to Bill, Doug, Marisa, and Rishi for joining me on this trip.”

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