Russet Lake / Musical Bumps 25/07/09

Michelle at Russet Lake / Musical Bumps:
“And then we made a run for it…. Our merry band of one Scotsman, one Frenchman, one German, one Japanese, one Newfoundlander and two BC girls learned why in the alpine our winter sleeping bags and tarps were not so stupid in 38-degree August weather after all. On trail we heard the storm coming and hustled. Not one minute after arriving and getting the tents up it arrived. In shock EVERYONE at Russet made a run for the hut as marble sized hail pounded down so thick it became white out conditions. Those too far away dove into already occupied/complete stranger’s tents. We waited in disbelief until it subsided. A fellow cabin mate opened the door only to slam it shut again and exclaim ‘It’s coming again!’. Before, we wondered if the tents blew away- now we wondered about the hut as the wind drove waves of hail so hard that the roof surely dented and we began to take on water. Then, it stopped just like that. The aftermath – bivys drowning in small lakes, some flooded-out tents. The lightning show continued and the bizzare red sky turned the landscape into Mars. Made for an evening of great entertainment! Complete with a lady in red (dress) included! Absolutely spectacular scenery, spectacular fields of flowers, spectacular company and not one but two free gondola rides made this a spectacular overnight trip. The laughter, roaring storm and the music of the Musical Bumps (who’s winds did indeed play for us) made this truly a feast for the eyes AND ears.”

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