Rainbow Lake 11/10/08

Pablo at Rainbow Lake:
“The turkey sale call-out worked perfectly. At 8 am sharp, eight of us were ready to go shopping…I say hiking. We met a 9th hiker at the trailhead (who went to the turkey sale the night before) and at 10 am sharp we started going up towards Rainbow Lake. It took us exactly 6 hours to do the hike. Exact time by the book. We reached freezing level at the first bridge with lots of ice crystals on the ground. Soon we started finding snow patches and up to 5 cm of snow at the lake. There are lots of wood platforms and bridges and many are not even, often leaning to the sides and with the snow and ice it was kind of slippery. After the hike we ran to the turkey sale at Whistler. Only one of us got a pair of gloves at a store nearby, not at the ‘official turkey sale’ and we bought a lot of burgers in Whistler.”

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