Polytrichum Lookout 04/04/08

Ruth at Polytrichum Lookout:
“Just a quick report of a little hike up to Polytrichum Lookout April 4th. Joshua, Ying, Ranger (my dog) and I had a good workout up to Polytrichum. It was pouring rain in Surrey when we left, and rained a bit on the way up, but we didn’t mind one bit. Took about an hour to get up from the parking lot. Was their first time with Wanderung, so welcome and hope to see you out on more hikes soon! 🙂 Recommend this as an alternative to the Grind. Way less people, and closer to home if you live in Surrey or the Coquitlam area.”

Note: Polytrichum Lookout is on the way up to Lindsay Lake

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