Polar Bear kayak 01/01/09

Steve kayaking at the English Bay Polar Bear swim:
“This was my second annual call-out to kayak to English Bay to partake in the festivities of the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim. Bart from kayrak.ca (check it out!), the only other Wanderung member that ended up coming, made a last minute decision to register and go for a swim!

We were in good company despite rough conditions (wavy and windy), and our small numbers because we joined forces with the West Coast Paddlers, and other local kayak personalities such as one of the owners of Delta Kayaks. It was great to see other Wanderung members on the beach, but a bit problematic pushing our boats through the crowds to launch again. In our yellow and orange safety gear, people continually asked for help and directions, they assumed we were lifeguards or something.”

Other paddlers.

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