Mt Webb 03/08/08

Ahmad on Mt Webb:
“We started our hike at Chilliwack Lake campsite at 9:40am. It was sunny and the lake was so inviting to get on Mount Webb’s top by its reflection on the lake but the seven of us chose the hard way. The new trailhead adds an extra 3.5 km to the old trail. When we got to the first bridge, we found a warning sign about its safety. The main structure seemed old but fine to me. We crossed it one person at a time. The other two bridges were slippery but solid. It took 3:30 hours to get to Radium Lake. We didn’t stay very long at the lake because of the countless mosquitoes. The route to the col doesn’t have many markers but it is fairly easy to follow. I found the col offers better camping spots than Radium Lake at this time of the year: less mosquitoes, better views and there is still a creek running nearby but that may not last long. Getting to the summit was easier than I expected. It was mostly hiking with a couple of scrambling spots. The trail is not marked so it could be confusing where the trail is especially on the way back so it is a good idea to take your time. The summit was amazing – one view better than the other. The whole trip took 10:50 hours.”

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