Mt Seymour cycling, 12 Jun 2013

Tu Loan cycling up Mt Seymour:
“This trip report almost did not happen. Due to problems with the service provider, TLT’s callout was sent out way past the sign-up deadline. Luckily, Emeric ignored the fine print and signed up to join her for the ride. After meeting at the Superstore in North Van, they rode to the base of Mt. Seymour to meet up with Chris M., a very last minute participant, with his classic model mountain bike. Lucky for him, this was TLT’s first callout and was just happy that anyone would want to join her for the trek up Seymour!

The weather couldn’t have been better, with blue skies and a slight coolness in the air. Wildflowers on the side of the road prettified the trip. A fawn was also spotted. These were all planned by the organizer, of course. Animated chatter could be heard all the way up to km 10, mostly from TLT. The boys put up with it until their inner-Hesjedals took over and cranked it up for the last two km, which also happened to be the steepest part of the ride. They were kind enough to double back when they reached the top to ride with TLT to the finish line. How chivalrous!

They basked in their glory for a few minutes before making the quick and cold descent. It took 1 hour 20 mins to climb from the base and about 10 mins to fly down.”

Mt Seymour callout

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