Mt Seymour 05/10/08

Chris on Mt Seymour:
“Cara, Dean, Ivy, Joss and Trudi joined me on a trip up Mt Seymour. Even at 10 am, the parking lot was cold. There was a fair amount of running water on the trail from the recent rainy weather but no mud and no water got in my light trail shoes. We didn’t see any rain but we had a couple brief intervals of light snow (!) and visibility dropped to 100 m when the clouds moved in. The clouds tried to lift when we got to the summit and we saw a brief bit of sun on the way down but it remained cool most of the day. The estimate of 5 hrs for this trail seems very leisurely and stronger hikers will be able to do it in less than 4 hrs even with lots of breaks. The km markings on the signs seems wrong most of the time – two signs about 500 m apart both noted 1.6 km to the summit.”

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