Mt Laughington 18/10/08

Steve at Mt. Laughington:
“Thank you to all that warned me about the shortcomings of 103 hikes in regards to this trail. Using the Club Tread wiki we still had problems getting our car to a good start point, and until early afternoon we still weren’t 100% sure we were on the right trail. With 1 member down waiting in the car sick, Ben, Rob, Chelsey, Andrzej (+ met 2 more Wanderungers) we actually did make it to the knoll and then on to the peak. This trail requires a 4×4, the club tread wiki, and a GPS is recommended. We lost the trail itself a few times and if there is a way to come down from the peak to the logging road directly (like 103 suggests), we didn’t find it. Although the views, the heather, and the ridge were all amazing we squeaked out an exit from the non logging road part just before dark and it was pitch black at the car. The road conditions added another 50% of distance on to this hike! I’m not sure I recommend this trail unless you are out for an adventure.”

Group Shot at the Peak

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