Mt Laughington 12/07/09

Michelle having a laugh on Mt Laughington:
“Fact: GPS invaluable for getting you to and on trail smoothly (GPS is the way to go on this one). Fact: steep and loose rock logging road = 4WD required (though very few water bars or bad ruts/gaps = minimal clearance issues). Fact: trail is almost snow free (snow remains, but patches do not obscure path) and once on the trail proper (to the knoll), foot bed is well enough worn and well re-flagged. Fact: book time 4.5 hours? make it 5 – 5.5 (we took almost 6 with pauses and breaks). Fact: we saw Ogopogo. OK, well at least an ethereal cloud that magically formed before our eyes over Airplane Creek baring a remarkable resemblance to the spirit of Ogopogo (which then sauntered down the valley). But we did see 1 prancing dancing deer who welcomed us, 1 dodo grouse on road who played chicken with the truck, hovering humming birds at the knoll, 10 thousand wild flowers, 1 million mountains, 1 blue lightning bolt signalling the end of lunch, 2 fat football grouse, 2 thunder claps enlightening us our day pass was expiring, 1 bunny rabbit who sent us off with a good-bye upon our departure, just before the rain began.”

07/12/09 :: Mt Laughington

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