Mt Hallowell 17/05/09

Erez in search of Mt Hallowell:
“Do and me attempted to hike to the summit. We came close. Seeing the summit from a distance, but unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find the last part of the trail to get us there. The description in 103 Hikes is pretty accurate. We parked a few hundred meters along the very rough road. We hiked past the first large washout gaining elevation pretty quickly. The first junction mentioned in 103 Hikes was actually at 894 m according to my GPS right after a pretty high waterfall. The T-junction afterwards was at 926 m. After that junction the road was covered in deep snow. We found the trail. No cairn or red spool but quite a lot of orange flag tape made it hard to miss. Initially the trail is marked very well, but just before the clear cut the flagging tape dwindles and dies away (or maybe it was hidden under the snow). We spent almost an hour looking for the trail, and eventually had to give up. We had a good surprise on the way back – the ferries ticket are round-trip, so the cost was half of what we expected.

Here are UTM coordinates of some waypoints:
1. Start of “deteriorating road” either park here or go as far as you can: 10U
0430941 5501287
2. “930 m elevation junction according to 103 Hikes” (elevation was actually 894 m): 10U 0432223 5503187
3. T junction: 10U 0432418 5503055
4. Start of trail to peak: 10U 0433055 5504018

I’d very much like to try it again – maybe when there is less snow.”

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