Mt Gardner 24/05/08

Carollyne on Mt Gardner:
“‘So close, yet so far’ could be the motto for this group setting out for Mt. Gardner. We eventually all saw the great views atop the north summit, but not until we’d hiked to the radio tower. Not finding a trail to the summit, we doubled back to go up the well-travelled, steeper south trail­ adding 2.5 km. Later, following those stupefying “North” signs, but feeling we were circling the summit again and again, 2 of our group disappeared. After a fearful wait, Evan went back to find them. He returned to report our missing hikers were on the south summit and weren’t moving. We asked about a view, platforms etc. and realized they were on the north summit, not the south. We joined them and their chuckles in about 5 min. Hindsight has me convinced we found the trail from the radio tower to the summit, but we just didn’t know it at the time. Energetic, cheerful new Wanderungers helped make this a really fun trip. We wrapped up at Doc Morgan’s followed by Amy’s relaxing shoulder massages on the 9 pm ferry.”

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