Mt Frosty 12/07/08

Ahmad on Mt Frosty:
“Five of us did Frosty’s east peak in 9.25 hours. The trail is well-graded, scenic, and has all types of terrains. It goes through old trees, many flowers, a wide and open alpine area, rock slide, and a peak. At the campground, there are many mosquito campers who were eager to meet us. The shelter is primitive and the creek beside it seems that it will dry up soon. The peak is quite wide. It fits 20 people easily and it has superb views. We spent 1 1/2 hours hanging out there. At the end, some of us took a quick swim in lightning cold water in Lightning Lake. Thanks for Keith and Ryan for their snow report of the trail. No much snow left now. We encountered few patches on the way.”

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