Lynn Peak 24/05/10

Rich enjoying a nice cup of tea on Lynn Peak:
“Surprisingly, even with a short notice same day callout to join me for a cup of tea on Lynn peak on Victoria Day, I got 4 other wanderees to come along; Monika, Amir, Lulia and Tyler. And excellent company they were. None of them had been up Lynn before so I was able to play field guide leader and introduce them to the finer aspects of the Lynn Peak trail. The conditions at the “top” were cool but totally clear and the views were quite satisfying at all 4 lookouts. Monika brought along an especially good Pu-er tea and shared it around. Also some chocolate bars from Meinhardts. Watch out for that girl, she likes her high quality foods! We parted ways and said our goodbyes where the trail joins back to the Cedar Mills loop trail. A good time was had by all and there was talk of hikes to come. Happy trails.”

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