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Yellow Aster Butte, 1 Oct 2016

Anna K. at Yellow Aster Butte:
“Fred, Lisa, Mariana and myself ventured out to Yellow Aster Butte on October 1. Our timing was perfect: no border waiting, and we did the hike in 4.5 hours vs 7 suggested by the book, with rain starting to pour when we left the trail. We didn’t get to see the view at the top, as it was cloudy. We enjoyed the last blueberries and the mix of red-yellow-orange colours. Perfect hike to do in the Fall!”

Yellow Aster Butte 11/10/10

Melanie on Yellow Aster Butte:
“Surprisingly, not many signed up for this trip… maybe it was the turkey hangover or the early start or the border crossing or the last minute callout. Noman and I headed towards Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in hopes of hiking the Chain Lakes Loop. Unfortunately, the Visitor Centre is only open on weekends and we could not ask about the trail conditions. As we drove towards the parking lot, lots of snow began to fall, and visibility declined. It was an easy decision to change to another hike, so we chose the Yellow Aster Butte trail and it turned out to be a good choice! There were gorgeous fall colours, tons of blueberries, meadows, lakes and stunning views of the surrounding mountains including Baker. This hike is now easily one of my top five Baker hikes. An added bonus was minimal border wait times in both directions.”