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Slollicum Peak, 4 Jun 2016

Phil on Slollicum Peak:

“In search of a snowy summit on a scorching day, four intrepid Wanderung-ers headed to Slollicum Peak. After muscling our 4×4 up to the trailhead, it was a 4-hour hike on a moderately well marked trail. We were greeted with blooming flowers, the odd stinging nettle, and babbling brooks. The summit was snow covered, and offered a great 360 degree view of the hanging Slollicum Lake, Mt Baker, Harrison Lake, and the countless surrounding peaks.

Distance: 13 km
Elevation Gain: 1440 m
More hike information on Club Tread

A great day on Slollicum Peak. #slollicumpeak #wanderungca #harrisonlake

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Slollicum Peak 12/06/10

Erez atop Slollicum Peak:
“This was my third attempt at Slollicum. The other two times were in the middle of winter. The trail was much easier to find when most of the snow has melted at lower elevation. Make sure you don’t miss the flagged marked right-turn just after entering the forest after about 800 m along the Harrison East FSR like I did. When I was there before, we couldn’t find a section of the trail (just when you cross the first gully), and we assumed that it was due to a land-slide. Not true. The trail actually leads across the gully. Consistent snow started at around 1300 m, where the markers seemed to taper-off. But from that point it was pretty obvious how to climb to the ridge, and then take a left to reach the peaks. Snowshoes were not needed as the snow was pretty packed. The second (true) summit is worth the extra walk as it is more open and provides very nice 360 degree view. The huge Harrison lake is spread on the west, and Mt. Baker is prominent in the south. In the east I saw little Slollicum lake which was frozen.

This is a very nice and not difficult summer hike. If you like Harvey/Brunswick/the lions, you’ll enjoy seeing similar views in a new location.”