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Slhanay Peak 25/05/08

Brenda at the Slhanay Peak:
“I picked this hike thinking we might have a rainy day and that we would at least be protected by the trees. Fortunately for Greg, Igor, Annie, Michael and I the forecast was wrong and we enjoyed a cool, sunny day with impressive views from Slhanay Peak. Our day did not start off too well – one no show and one person who missed out on the hike which may have been due to a confusion about the meeting spot (Sorry!). Once hiking we stopped several times to compare my crappy map with our compass and GPS since we thought we must be on the wrong trail. It ended up that the trail is actually well marked, we just did not trust the markers. Now that I have done all 3 peaks of the Chief as well as Slhanay Peak I would have to say I prefer Slhanay Peak. You get a view of the Chief that you do not normally see plus there were no other hikers on the Slhanay Peak trail (unlike the Chief which is usually PACKED!)”