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Mt St Benedict, 22 Mar 2015

Colleen C. on Mt St Benedict:
“While the weather wasn’t as clear as I’d hoped, we still had glimpses of the surrounding mountains, including Judge Howay and Robbie Reid which alone would be worth the hike in my book.

After just a couple of minutes driving on gravel we parked the cars by the locked gate. The first hour is uphill on logging roads, but there are nice views and a lovely waterfall to enjoy. After reaching the trail proper (eccentrically marked with an old pan atop of some lashed together branches – can’t miss it) there is pleasant forest, a couple of small but beautiful lakes, a steep section, and then a gentle climb to the summit itself. We had a lazy lunch with plenty of tea and cookies and then made our way back the way we came.

The hike seemed easier than the stats implied (1000 m elevation gain, 15 km), but that could have been due to the pleasant terrain and great company. Special thanks to our two drivers and Katherine who gallantly took the cramped middle seat.”