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Skyline Ridge, 16 Sep 2017

Will B. on Skyline Ridge:
“Last Saturday, five of us hiked the Skyline Ridge trail from the Sea to Sky Gondola. Ninety minutes of hiking through the trees up an old logging road, then out into an old clearcut full of blueberry bushes at about 1200 metres. Through some beautiful old-growth forest, then out of the trees and up and down along a lovely alpine ridge towards the Copilot. We got back to the lodge at 6.20, for a little over 8 hours on the trail. Thanks to Andy for driving, and everyone for being awesome.”


High Note Trail, 2 Sep 2017

Dave G. on the High Point Trail:
“Three of us – Dave, Chen & Pablo – hiked the High Note Trail on top of Whistler on Sat, Sept 2nd. And it Chen was in for a treat as it was his first time in Whistler. We had an amazing hike with epic views. We took the gondola up around 10:30 am on a very busy day (long weekend crowds) and then up the Peak Chair to start the hike. The views were amazing and the crowds thinned out over time. We were also moving aside a few times for the Valley to Peak racers. Wow, these people are beast mode racing all the way from village. We soaked in the views walking the ridge with stunning views of the Tusk, Cheakamus Lake, and more. I ended with a nice refreshing cool dip in Harmony Lake and stayed for the dinner feast at 5:30 pm which was well earned. Chen & Pablo took the Peak-to-Peak gondola over to Blackcomb so Chen could add to his first-time in Whistler experience and the epic drive home with setting sun. Thanks Chen & Pablo for joining me on this amazing hike. It was absolutely worth the gondola ticket.”

Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail, 29 Jun 2014

Stephen H. on Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail:

“Bob, Lindsey, Mark, Markus, and Thomas joined me for another great Sea to Sky Gondola hike. From the upper terminal, this recommendable trail travels up rocky ground and forest floor, and delivers plenty of elevated views of the Stawamus Chief and Squamish. While the gondola folks peg the round trip at 11.6 km and 6-8 hours with 954 m of elevation gain, our hike to the “end of the marked trail” sign was 4.5 hours return. We lunched at a viewpoint near the final pond, before heading down to the lodge patio. A flagged route appears to continue beyond said pond (for next time!). By the way, the bugs were bad. An early start meant we had the trail to ourselves on the way up, but met several parties on the way down.”

Sea to Summit, 7 Jun 2014

Stephen H. on the Sea to Summit trail:
“Carole, Elaine, Elisa, Ivy, Mary, and Sophie joined me for the first official Wanderung trip on the Sea to Sky Gondola’s Sea to Summit Trail. I think it’s safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It’s a great hike (no surprise considering it incorporates the once-quiet Upper Shannon Falls Trail). We parked at Shannon Falls, and took Andy’s advice in the newsletter and took the Wrinkle Rock Trail at the top. A few of us were surprised by how much we enjoyed the summit area. The views are spectacular and the lodge patio is the perfect place to relax after a good hike. It’s worth budgeting extra time; while the hike up took us four hours, we spent three hours at the top, mostly on the patio. The $10 ride down was fun too.”