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Dog Mountain, 13 Jan 2015

Stephen H. at Dog Mountain:
“Ganna, Mary, and Quentin joined me for a quick hike to Dog Mountain on Mount Seymour. We visited Dinkey Peak during the hike in, and lunched at our destination with great city views and hungry ravens and whiskey jacks. Significant sections of the trail carried no snow, but we all wore traction devices under our boots. No use for snowshoes here yet.”

Dog Mountain 26/12/12

Chris M. night-snowshoeing on Dog Mountain:
“Melissa, Donna, Cara and I walked along the well-beaten path to Dog Mountain. Then we turned north and ploughed through wonderful fresh snow. It felt like an exploration into another world. Only a small sphere of terrain was visible, every few minutes something different growing out of the darkness. We spent an hour wandering until we arrived at First Lake again. Then took the regular trail back to the parking lot. The snow on the ground was perfect. Plus a light dusting falling down around us. Made for a terrific outing!”

Headlamp Snowshoeing

Dog Mountain 15/11/09

Cara on Dog Mountain:
“Zoltan, Marisa, Alex, Tom, and Gareth joined me on a fun but very wet snowshoe to Dog mountain. There was about 1 m of snow at the parking lot and it was raining heavily. The trip through the trees was beautiful, with the stream crossings still not completely covered. At the view point the wind picked up so we took a quick group shot, considered joining the crazy campers in their two-man, and beat a hasty retreat to the trees for some lunch. On the way out we detoured past First Lake and broke trail up to the junction above the parking lot. By the time we reach our cars, the rain/hail mix had turned into a determined downpour and we were completely drenched. Hot coffee provided a nice opportunity to chat before we packed up and headed home.”

Dog Mountain, November 15, 2009

Dog Mountain 02/01/09

Michelle on Dog Mountain:
“We had become so accustomed to the -12 weather of December that we all felt like we were snowshoeing on a balmy summer day. However, it wasn’t so warm as to have any issues with melting snow dropping down off of tree branches (or anywhere else) along this heavily forested trail. Seymour was absolutely packed with all the powder it could hold – beautiful but easy to see why there have been prevalent avalanche conditions. The Seymour advisory signs were posted as “Moderate” risk. Ahmad may have liked my snowshoes’ rooster tail show, but John truly had the Cadillac of snowshoes. Great views, great company.”

Dog Mountain 20/12/08

Michelle on Dog Mountain:
“The -7 / -12 with wind chill factor definitely had us wondering and we were definitely a little on the cold side starting out (our toes were already cold from just standing outside the shopping mall!). But instead of bundling up more, we quickly heated up on the trail and inevitably began the customary strip routine by the time we hit First Lake. However, after reaching our end destination we didn’t stick around to enjoy the sunny view for very long: though the winds were calm it was just too darn cold to sit around for more than a cup of tea and quick nibble. The winter route is now marked and well trodden (although a couple of alternate routes have also been stomped out past First Lake). Good snow coverage save for a few steep, exposed, iced-over root patches not yet filled in. Good parking lot coverage too (of the vehicular type) as to be expected on a sunny day.”