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Ballantree Loop 3 Feb 2013

Chris M. on a loop around Ballantree-Lost Lake-Brother’s Creek:
“Eugene, Chris & Doug joined me for a fun little outing above the British Properties on Sunday. There was discussion beforehand about what footwear aid would be best. Two of us brought snowshoes, one microspikes and one just boots. We started on Ballantree with no snow whatsoever. After we left the trail and passed old mountain bike jump constructions the snow became a nuisance. Thin bridges and layers were broken through very easily. The snowshoers were happier than the other two. Just before joining in with the Brother’s Creek fire road trail we came across a nice grove of old growth trees. Soon after we reached Lost Lake, which was completely fogged in. For the way down we stayed on the west side of Brother’s Creek until we reached the Baden Powell. Then turned east and enjoyed a snow-free walk back to the car. Along the way passing some nice forest sections. Total walking time of around 4 hours.”

Softree Lines

Brothers Creek 03/07/09

Dana on the Brothers Creek trail:
“I was pleasantly surprised to get six hikers (including two drivers) on this weekday hike: Stas, John, Kathleen, Chelsey, Constance, and I. The trailhead just off Millstream Road in West Van was full of vehicles, but we passed very few people on our route. The route took us up the Brothers Creek fire road, a long gradual incline (taking in most of the elevation gain) to our first crossing of Brothers Creek. At this point we had hiked only an hour, and decided to continue right instead of left to take in a longer loop, taking us first to the pretty beer-coloured Lost Lake, and then crossing Brothers Creek via stones to Blue Gentian Lake, our lunch stop. On the east side of the lake is a nice lunch spot with picnic table. Heading south and down after lunch, we met up with Crossover Trail, headed east, and again crossed Brothers Creek. Eventually this connected with the fire road and back to our vehicles. Total trip time was spot-on four hours, including lunch, and was just under 10 km with an about 450 m elevation gain in total. I wasn’t crazy about the first hour on the fire road, as it’s full of rocks and stones and pretty wide (as a “road,” not very trail-like, of course) so next time I’d be inclined to turn off onto the Baden-Powell or another intersecting trail to make a different loop. There are a lot of options in the area for routes/loops, which is good to know for future reference. A good outing.”

Brothers Creek 30/11/08

Michelle at Brothers Creek:
“We stayed dry under the canopy (and the weather stayed mild), but the trails were wet. The first uphill section of the trail from the lower trailhead is currently a small stream and squelchy mud was under foot most of the day (although shallow and only of consequence to boot soles and pant leg hems). Upon return we snuck a view of Burrard Inlet and Stanley Park immersed in a bed of sunset fog with the Lions Gate just peeking out of the top and the downtown core rising in the background before popping back onto the road by our cars and standing in the street to stare at the city bathed in pink. The neighbours may have wondered though as our large little tour group just stood on the street corner gazing off into the distance… Enjoyable day and good company as always.”