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Kennedy Falls, 2 Apr 2016

Bob H. at Kennedy Falls:
“This is a great hike with two points of interest. First, is the big cedar tree, which has been estimated at over 600 years old; the second is Kennedy Falls. Don’t let the length and elevation gain of 170 m fool you for this hike. There are many ups and downs on this trail making the cumulative elevation gain 750 m. The length of the trail is 5 km, so the return total is 10 km. The trail traverses the west slope of Lynn Valley and you will find the big cedar tree 3.3 km from the start; also of note – the big cedar tree is less than 100 m from Lynn Creek. The cedar tree is massive and the only reason I think why it was spared from the saw in the early 1900s, when the whole area was logged, is that there was no saw large enough! The end of the trail marks Kennedy Falls, which is spectacular and fills the air with wind, mist and rainbows. There is a new parking lot at the trailhead on Mountain Highway, which fills up fast, so get there early. This is a very popular mountain biking area.

Blog post here: http://www.buntzenlake.ca/big-cedar-trail-and-kennedy-falls

Full Flickr photo album of hike here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskxGD5Pg

Group at the big cedar tree

Cougar Mountain 07/12/08

Chris on Cougar Mountain:
“Albert, Alex, Cara, Jamie, Nancy, Ribeka, and Tessa joined me in a snowy exploration of the western flank of Cougar Mountain. The road to Cougar Mountain (16 mile creek road) leaves Hwy 99 just after Green Lake. We encountered snow fairly early and the potholes had turned into slushy ponds (doesn’t look like this road is plowed but sledders probably use it later in the year). The hill after the bridge took some effort to drive up and we slipped and slid up to the stables to park. To get to the cedars from there, follow the road up taking a right at an obvious fork and sticking to the main road until you start to encounter faded signs and follow those. The road turns into a gentle trail and we found ourselves in the cedar grove about an hour after leaving the cars. We then headed off-trail following the creek uphill. We topped out at 1200 m overlooking a small pond and temperatures stayed above freezing for the whole route.”

Cougar Mountain - December 7, 2008

Brothers Creek 30/11/08

Michelle at Brothers Creek:
“We stayed dry under the canopy (and the weather stayed mild), but the trails were wet. The first uphill section of the trail from the lower trailhead is currently a small stream and squelchy mud was under foot most of the day (although shallow and only of consequence to boot soles and pant leg hems). Upon return we snuck a view of Burrard Inlet and Stanley Park immersed in a bed of sunset fog with the Lions Gate just peeking out of the top and the downtown core rising in the background before popping back onto the road by our cars and standing in the street to stare at the city bathed in pink. The neighbours may have wondered though as our large little tour group just stood on the street corner gazing off into the distance… Enjoyable day and good company as always.”