Lindsay Lake 30/03/08

Hurrian P. at Lindsay Lake:
"Like most great trips, this one didn’t really go as planned, but the day’s adventure made it worthwhile. As we started to ascend up from Buntzen Lake I doubted that we needed snowshoes but by the time we got to the ridge there was 8 feet of snow. We followed the tracks of some errant snowshoers and somehow wandered off the regular trail to some place to the east of Eagle Peak. Luckily we bumped into a mysterious older man named Bob who looked like he had stopped aging a decade or so back. He confirmed that we were nowhere near the Lindsay Lake trail. (All of the signposts were buried.) He said we could find the proper trail again but we’d have to bushwhack through the forest among very deep tree wells to get there. He led us past Cypress Lake and to a great lookout over the eastern Lower Mainland before depositing us back at the proper trail. I think the trip demonstrated the need to also bring a topographical map because 103 Hikes, however good, does not provide sufficiently detailed maps."

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