Lindsay Lake 11/05/08

Tim at Lindsay Lake:
“Astrid, Dean and Tim set out for Lindsay Lake from Buntzen car park at 9am on Sunday. The snow started at about 800m. At 900m the snowpack was as least 1m deep. Route finding became very difficult once we entered the logged area. Almost all trail markers are still covered above 900m. The logged area is very brushy. GPS and topo map was essential. Also, several sets of old footprints were helpful. The snowpack was very solid and was at least 2m deep at 1000m. Dean hiked the whole day in hiking boots without problem. Tim and Astrid used snowshoes. The lakes are still under deep snow. We made it to Chickadee lake (124666) at around 12:30. Our waypoint for Lindsay Lake (downloaded from was wildly inaccurate and we gave up looking for it at around 2pm. We were back at the car park by 5pm. We ran into a trail restoration team from North Shore Hikers on our way back. They have adopted this Halvor Lunden trail and dealing with erosion issues. They mentioned that the famous Halvor Lunden is still going strong and is now 92 years old!”

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