Joffre Lakes 09/08/08

Chris at Joffre Lakes:
“Somehow, I picked the worst weekend weather-wise this summer for an intro-to-overnighting hike. Even before we left on the drive up, our group of 10 had been whittled down to 6 – Colleen, Ivy, Jana, Peter, Roy and me. The skies looked ominous but when we reached the trailhead, the sun was trying to make an appearance. The trail was in good condition as we made our way steadily up. We had an extended break at the second lake where the ubiquitous Dean stumbled upon us. Just before the 3rd lake, the rain started and quickly turned to a drenching hail (dunno how that worked but it was hail and 2 minutes later I was soaked). For the rest of the trip, the weather oscillated between rain and almost rain. The worst of the rain was reserved for when we set up the tents. Before supper, some of us went up to the edge of the Matier Glacier and listened to it creaking slowly forward. The next day dawned wetly but we all enjoyed a couple side trips before returning to camp at lunchtime and packing up. The trail on the way down was distinctly wetter than before which slowed some of us down. The weather only started looking up again when we drove back into Vancouver. Monday is, of course, beautifully sunny. Figures.”

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